Kate Mikhailouskaya 心理咨询师
Psychotherapist, PACFA

If you\\\'re searching for a psychotherapist at this point of your life, you\\\'re probably searching for answers, solutions to some dilemmas or just for a pathway to relieving emotional distress. Perhaps you are unsure if psychotherapy could help you to change something in your life and enjoy it more. It can be a daunting task to find the \\\"right\\\" therapist, but by exploring therapies available, you are already making first steps towards self-care and changes for the better. I am an existential psychoanalytic psychotherapist specializing in complex trauma. I help individual adults and adolescents to minimize the impact of childhood trauma, single incident trauma or workplace injury or accident. Blending Existential therapy and Psychoanalysis together, I offer focused support and solid tools to cope with symptoms of PTSD. You will be able to feel the benefits of therapy within the first session. Higher self-awareness and confidence will come to you along with the understanding of what is going on for you and how you can get better. Gaining control is very vital at times of emotional pain. Contact me for confidential phone chat via phone or email (response within 24 hours).

(02) 9159 6013
17 Hardie Avenue Summer Hill, New South Wales 2130